Plugs with BoxesWe believe Enerpulse’s Nano-Plasma Assisted Combustion (n-PAC™) technology represents a meaningful opportunity to increase fuel efficiency and lead to better engine performance for the automotive aftermarket. Our Pulstar® with PlamaCore aftermarket products can be used in all spark-ignited IC engines, including passenger cars, light trucks, commercial trucks and motorcycles. Our Pulstar® with PlasmaCore pulse plugs fit directly into existing IC engine ignition systems and utilize existing fuel delivery infrastructures.

We have sold over one million of our patented n-PAC™ technology units into the automotive and power sports aftermarket.

We currently sell our Pulstar® with PlasmaCore pulse plugs in the “Plug-and-Play” automotive aftermarket through multiple “big box” and internet automotive parts retailers; and in the power sports aftermarket through specialized motorcycle parts and accessories dealers and retailers.

While specific customizations can be made for OEM needs, the core n-PAC™ technology utilized for aftermarket and OEM products are similar.