Enerpulse will be the recognized global leader in reducing fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions by improving the efficiency of Spark Ignited internal combustion engines through the application of its patented Nano-Plasma Assisted Combustion (n-PAC™) Technology.

In fulfilling this Mission, Enerpulse follows these Guiding Principles:

  • We believe that the interests of our customers, investors and employees are of primary importance. They provide the reasons for our existence and the rationale for the resources with which we operate.
  • We believe the long-term success of Enerpulse is dependent on people. We believe our investors and employees are our most valuable asset and that the continued enhancement and increased diversity of our workforce is to be valued and celebrated.
  • We believe in having a strong presence in the U.S. and beyond by cultivating progressive relationships with new and existing customers and contributing to sustainable projects and causes in our communities.
  • Our company and its employees are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct, promoting integrity, deterring wrongdoing as outlined in our Code of Ethics.