Interim CEO, Chief Technology Officer, President, and Founder


Lou Camilli is the developer/patent holder of the Pulstar® technology and founder of Enerpulse, Inc. He currently serves as president, chief technology officer, and corporate officer. Formerly, Camilli was president of HDI Systems, Inc., the incubator for all technology commercialized by Enerpulse.Camilli is an entrepreneur and creative thinker, with extensive experience in developing business opportunity and commercial products from raw technology.He holds a B.A. degree in mathematics from Texas A&M University and an honorary doctorate from the Mexican Ecological Movement for air quality work conducted in Mexico City.

Chief Financial Officer


Mr. Templeton is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Enerpulse, Inc and serves as a corporate officer. Mr. Templeton has held this position since June, 2007. Prior to his time at Enerpulse, Inc., he served in various capacities from January, 2001 to October, 2006 for Sandia Foods, a franchise restaurant operator in the Southwest U.S., where he provided financial and operational support for over 60 restaurant operating managers throughout the Southwest.From 1985 to 2001, he worked at Mobil Oil where he held accounting and financials staff positions as well as supervisory positions. None of the aforementioned companies are a parent, subsidiary or affiliate of the Company, except for Enerpulse, Inc. Mr. Templeton earned a BBA in Finance from Baylor University in 1984 and an MBA in Finance from the University of North Texas in 1992.

Vice President of Operations


Steve Smith is the vice president of manufacturing and operations for Enerpulse, Inc., manufacturers of Pulstar® Pulse Plugs. Smith has been with Enerpulse since 2009. He’s responsible for planning, sourcing and building products to support sales orders and the company’s quality planning and continuous improvement programs. He also leads new product design and development activities.Smith has extensive experience in general management, product and process engineering development, quality planning and continuous improvement. He began his career working for the AC Spark Plug division of General Motors as a co-op engineering student, and later was promoted to the position of senior production engineer. Following his work at AC Spark, Smith held senior level positions at Flexible Products, a Tier II automotive supplier, and Auburn Spark Plug where, as president and general manager, he helped transform thecompany from a screw machine parts and automotive spark plug producer to an industrial and aviation ignition products company – growing revenues from $1.6 million to $12.5 million.Smith earned a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering degree from General Motors Institute (now Kettering University).